Are the Kurdish People Still Being Left Behind?


Did the Kurdish People Get Left Behind Again?


Dear AlanaKalanian Warriors,

Below is an article is based on a warriors views,  a warrior’s astute intuition,  and a warrior’s keen sense of justice… (all AlanaKalanian warriors”s automatically obtain little superpowers)

Fellow warriors,  about 2 months ago President Trump’s sudden decision to leave Syria  naturally got a thumbs up, but then I said “hey wait” although the Syrian Kurdish forces gave the U.S forces a great advantage not only strategically, they had the U.S. forces back, but leaving there was no longer the reason Turkish government could not harm them.

The U.S. presence had done a decent job keeping the Turkish forces at bay.  Definitely a good moment for the US but I think leaving them no longer protected was a flub up.

It for me was a deja vu kind of moment when I heard.  Kind of embarrassing for the…

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