Cenk Uygur and his Abettor, “Fake News”


Image result for nancy pelosi “one dollar for the wall”

Image result for congress going back after shutdownNancy, back from her nervous breakdown oops I meant nervous shutdown.  Just Joshing…

Our strong and fierce congress is similar to Universal Studio in Orlando Fl.

So, Congress is back, which means congress no longer will have to bash without cash.   They are getting paid again, so they are going to “bash for cash”

Listen, I don’t know about anyone else but I voted for Senators and for Reps,  who said first thing they would do when they got to Washington DC if they couldn’t play nice and all get along with others was to jump out the window,  jump ship, or just sneak out the back door.  They did that well,  Best they put this under their list of accomplishments.

I had to go on Twitter and read their tweets if I wanted to know what they were up to..Image result for cenk uygur moron I had other choices…

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