AlanaKalanian Loses One of Her Top Warriors. ACE never Forgotten…

Each day I am reminded by something that he owned, he slept on, even seeing the remote control that he is gone, really gone.  My heart is broken, which means my world of the magical AlanaKalanian warriors has been extraordinarily strained without him. No more around to greet me, to cuddle with me when we watched a scary movie and there are just many things missing to mention, but the part that stands out strongest is made me so happy as I hope and pray I made him just if not happier. how-bout-a-kiss

He was so much part of the magic that made up AlanaKalanian, he and his bro.  They together were the ultimate love magnets.  They made magic just by being who they were.

Without one I see the injustice clearly.  Young, vibrant, thriving boys, both deserved better.  The one who is left behind suffers in silence, sadly he can not express his pain but intuitively I can feel his heartbreak and he, of course, feels mine.  broter advice


love doves


The end of the perfect world for AlanaKalanian…

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