So True, TrueWarriors are Hard to Find…

ace and gee

True warriors are hard to find but if you do they are most often the greatest best friends.

My boy was not only my top warrior he was a woman’s’ best friend, my best friend in fact!

Make no mistake, I and his brother miss him each day so much, it is given life is no longer the same, nor can it never be.

Like losing any best friend it is the same for most it is no different than losing a child or a close family member.  These are those you love and care for so much, and you have come to rely on them as well so much.  Many of us just need to see their faces each day to make a difference.   Especially on those most gloomy days, where dread begins to consume us.

They have the ability to walk into a room we are in and make an otherwise crapola day, a happy one!

Best friends, we all find one I hope once in our life, and so warriors I wish that for you.  Whether your best friend is human or a magnificent Doberman we all deserve one.  Frankly, in a Doberman, we can count more on loyalty and love being genuine at all times than perhaps in a human one, but ya never know until that moment arrives.

Other than a human warrior, mare humans have many flaws.  Not their fault of course.

“To err is human, to forgive divine”

With my boy, my angel boy, as is the one still with the one I thank my lucky stars for each day (as they are so fragile, so easy to become sick, so difficult to help when they do) they are the ones in the unfortunate position of having to forgive us as we make so many mistakes. Yes, even warriors…

I may never, ever recover from the loss of losing my angel, as they were a team, I was only their mom.  The one who will one day have to carry on without either one.  Will my warrior-like powers save me from the pain.  I’m afraid not, fellow warriors.  Most all of us dread the day of being the one left behind to carry on without each other.

The true warrior in my boys was always obvious to see, but in your best friend, can you easily see it?  Does it stand out? As being a warrior is by far just not having brute strength, there is so much more.  Passion, loyalty, the ability to know when to write not fight… Do you see it?

love dovesDoes your best friend want to stand up for what is right?  Are they willing to take on the bully in the room so to say?  

This is who AlanaKalanian warriors truly are…

Like my boy R.I.P 01/07/2019…

We #neverforget, we can’t replace, and a piece of our heart is always reserved for the place they always fill.


If you are right now blessed with that special someone that warrior-like being who completes you my heart soars in happiness for you fellow warriors.  All true warriors deserve that opportunity, even if it is for a short time.  Like me, only 6 years.  In 6 years was all it took for me to know who he was and why he was in my life.Image may contain: 1 person

I know we have several folks who come in and out of our lives.  Some are friends others are family, others are both, but they, not all touch us, or impact our lives as no one else could.  Warriors IMO understand death the most, that is why it is most difficult for us to lose another fellow warrior, one that is the closest to us.

I do know in reality, many people do not live their lives knowing only the finest warriors can truly be the closest to us.

To give our trust to a true warrior

is the one thing that does not have to be earned

due to  their great sense of loyalty

it is only natural.” AlanaKalanian

I hope that for all my AlanaKalanian warriors…

Living life, not for oneself but for the of peace and goodwill towards others, to want all to be equal, and to have the passion to help those who have not been, is a true warrior, but an AlanaKalanian warrior is that plus being a die-hard animal activist,  and to be there for all those who don’t have a voice to help themselves,  not so hard really.

Bringing awareness to all the ills of the world is what an AK warrior does with her/his voice…

That is who I hope each of you has found in the one you love the most in your life.  ❤ AlanaKalanian



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