Azerbaijan/Pakistan BFF…till hell

And it only took one azz kisser terrorist infested country and one with very little conviction for telling the truth to make this hellish alliance what it is today.

For those unaware, Pakistan is the only country that won’t recognize the Republic of Armenia, now wouldn’t it be less obvious if they just had bent over to show their misguided support for Islamic brother from another mother?

And ya know just when I thought Pakistan couldn’t get any stinkier, they go an exploit the deaths of 613 Muslims that were killed in Khojaly 20 years ago by claiming they have officially  recognized them only now as  victims of genocide,  and one guess what country they condemn for it,  ya you guessed it,  the very country they refuse to acknowledge even exists.

Now, I am not all that sure on what exactly to call what went down in Khojaly 20 years ago, but there are two things that are quite clear, one is the Armenian forces did free a corridor to allow civilians to flee beforehand which many did proving it existed, and the second thing is there is no doubt that innocent people were killed..

So, just  in knowing of the corridor Pakstonians could not legally conclude a case of Genocide, hell what am  I saying as if  they could even define the terms of Genocide  let alone recognize one..

Pakistan ya reek so bad of BS the borders of India must serve as one gigantic air freshener.

Yea ok,  we have duly noted the Pakistani’s recognition and non-recognition right under the line that says; ” killer training camp capital of the world”..

Which reminds me of how Grand pooba, Ilham Aliyev only sends his top officers there to train.  OMG! Now that certainly fills in some of those bigger blanks we all had, aye?

                        Pakistan: 300 Suicide Bombers Trained in North Waziristan Camp


“Pakistan is ready to give support to Azerbaijan in the military sphere”. so says Pakistani Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali.

Being your country is a nuclear armed one  Mir Jan naturally your tactless provocation should be overlooked as like the USA deals with Iran?

Pakistan also strongly publicly supports an Armenian free  Karabagh

And  about Mr. dictator Aliyev’s  support for Pakistan retaking all  Kashmir even though it would constitute stealing, I say this provocation is no minor infraction either, and by right should be addressed by the Indians directly..

But why must it always be the people whose origin state they are  “Turkic”  that seem the most irrational to me?

Well as they may have gathered already Armenia is not sitting around sweating a bunch of hate filled, dead beat terrorists and overweight Islamic extremists that’s  for sure…

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