Habitual human rights violator, Turkey, cries “foul”, at US report…

Turkey slams US report on religious freedoms – Turkey criticized an US report on religious freedoms that listed Turkey among the world’s worst violators of religious freedoms, saying it considers the document “null and void.

Null and void? By whom, a PM who not to long ago declared “we want to raise a religious youth”, being a country that is 99% muslim, I gather he means an “Islamic youth”…. 

The government of Turkey still enforces reporting religion on ones identification, would someone, better yet could someone tell them that alone is a massive violation in ones right to freedom of religion, never mind a serious blow to the so-called “secularism”  Turkey claims its fundamentalism foundation.   Religion dictates the majority and minority in Turkey, clearly another massive slice of the lack of religious freedom cake in Turkey..

Is there anything this country is not in denial over?  

Don’t get me wrong, no country is a perfect example  of religious freedom/expression but Turkey a country where religious jewelry is even banned should be the least likely to cop a “who me”, “couldn’t be” disposition when the international community finally points a finger and says “unacceptable”..

Here is the thing,  Turkey proves they certainly know how to point out religious/racial discrimination when  say the “EU” denies them membership, or a country passes a bill that officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide, or when simply they do not get what they want, they just yet have proved clear cases of it..

Now for some reason Turkey just speaking of a few minor repairs to clean up their decrepit human rights record, none yet have I seen actually repair anything, or make any changes in the current situation, but think it is enough to be exempt in the rankings – like that particular house on every street  that is in serious stages of depreciation or just a big mess, whose owners keep saying paint job/clean up this year for sure, last year,  The city just says “condemned”….

2 thoughts on “ARMENIAN ACTIVIST

  1. Greetings from Australia,
    Turkey is indeed a country that has a long bloody history of persecution including the Armenian and Greek genocides and also the persecution of the Kurds and Assyrians. I think before a country can move on and be respected by the European Union it has to have the courage to look at itself in the mirror and own up for any acts of persecution against minorities. Only then can forgiveness occur and thus relative peace if at all possible, have a chance.
    God bless you and your nation which has endured much hardship

    1. Greetings! God bless you as well – thank you for your very caring comment.. Unfortunately not many leaders have mentalities such as yours these days. Lets face it if they did this world would be a much better place all around it. 😉 Take care..

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