Khadija Ismaylova, an Azerbaijani awarded for courage showed up undeserving for cowardly defending ax murderer Ramil Seferova on Facebook..

– Azeri journalist  rejoices for Ramil Seferova a convicted murderer’s release with other fellow Azeris on her facebook page

All seem to be in agreement it was the “right call” to free the ax murderer even though he had not even served 1/3 of his life sentence yet.

Apparently the Azerbaijan judicial system for cowards who brutally murder a human being while they sleep thinks 6 years in jail is justice, and some even had the audacity to insinuate that was even too long, that is if the victim is Armenian – I shudder to even think what the punishment Azerbaijan’s president would consider fair if the tables were turned and the victim was an Azeri and the killer was Armenian.

The international  women’s organization that  actually felt  Khadija merited a courage in journalism award  should be ashamed to have acknowledged a pathetic racist,

and hypocrite  like Khadija Ismaylova.

Defends fellow Azeri Ramil Seferova, who CONFESSED to the ax murder of an Armenian soldier in 2004.

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