warrior 3 Once upon a time lived a princess named Daliya who was given a lovely kingdom that was filled with many valuable resources for her to squander. .. The princess, was said to be one of the most beautiful women within a thousand mile radius, and  just as charming. With having 2 such wonderful gifts the Princess was convinced any man would do anything she asked..  Well,one in just seeing receiving an entire Kingdom pretty much proves she isn’t kidding..

Her new kingdom had everything a Princess could ever ask for.  It only  had one incy-wincy problem, it had no armies, no guards, and no protectors for the Princess to feel safe.  She had no knowledge of how to build an army either. Her Kingdom was totally vulnerable to an attack..  This saddened the Princess. The Princess unable to resolve her problem looking within her Kingdom for the solution, went outside of her Kingdom to find one.. Tigris known throughout the land for having great courage, and leading  the Armenian army to many victories to Dalyia was very appealing. Sending out one of her servants to Ani, with a message summoning Tigris to come to her kingdom, informing him that she and as well as her kingdom were in grave danger. Tigris was not familiar with her Kingdom and was unsure if he should risk going on such a long journey that would keep him away from his own Kingdom for many days.  But the desperation he found in her words weighed heavily on his conscience.

Tigris was a very special mortal in the eyes of the Gods. And as a token of their appreciation for all his good deeds, he was given a magical key to the Kingdom of Kalanian.

The  “Key” opened a door only Tigris had been given sight to see. The door opened  to  a passage way to the kingdom of Kalanian.

Tigris was so grateful to the Gods for that key he thanked them every night right before he went to sleep.

Tigris meets the Princess.

Tigris had no interest in the Princess’s wealth. He made that clear right off. It was only when she offered him the kingdom to rule that she got his attention. Since his only interest was what was in the best interest of her kingdom she thought, he could run the country as well as protect it and she could lay in her pool all day.

He agreed to build her army as well as taking over the Kingdom, and just in the niche of time.

The kingdom suffered many attacks in the following months. But the army that Tigris built  proved to be very worthy, and loyal. And Tigris, was liked so much that often the people in the kingdom would toss flowers to him as he passed them by.

AlanaKalanian has premonitions -Tigris is in danger..

Alana felt like a force was pulling her to go there.

So she did just that,  In the sky for many hours, AlanaK only landed once so Ara could rest.

Alana felt a huge relief when she saw Princess Daliyah’s kingdom beneath her.

But there was this thick fog she was heading right for.   “cough”cough” Oh no, this is not fog it is smoke she said.  The village below  was on fire.fighters Beyond the smoke, she could see Tigris’s army in raging battle,

Of course she landed right in the mist of that battle.  Swinging her mighty blade.

She began to wonder seeing all the dead around her if Tigris had been one of them. Tigris was just too good a solider to be killed this early in the battle she told herself.

Tigris’s 1st lieutenant kind of fought his way close to her.  She asked him if Tigris was  here fighting as well  He told her no,  The battle field has never been a good place to hold a conversation.  But he was able to tell her the rest of his army was in the western edge of the kingdom holding back. a vicious, and bloodthirsty army of nomads from invasion so he thought Tigris may be there.

A Kingdom under siege…

AlanaKalanian, was fighting hard hoping she could soon withdraw to continue her search for Tigris.

What she really hoped is her warriors, sensed she needed them,  and were already on their way.

It being at least a 15 hour journey by air she remained hopeful she could endure till they arrived..

But it was just 12 hours later the warriors came, attacking like a hive of angry bees.

The most experienced archers like TamarKalanian were sent by ,Tamar

AlanaKalanian  to the Napolizi’s camp to wipe and scare off the reinforcements that are being shipped by sea by the hundreds. The strategy the Archers used was shooting off up to 12 arrows at a time with their high-powered bows from high above their targets., Continuously, with rapid speed keeping the sky filled with falling arrows at all times.

It wasn’t long before what was left of the Napolzi army was running away.

Both armies withdrew shortly after  AlanaKalanian, warriors entered the battles.

While Alana and her warriors were searching the Kingdom’s capital city high and low for Tigris they stumbled  onto a Palace. Assuming it belonged to princess Daliya, they crashed the gates, and did what they had to get in.   Something was dreadfully wrong Alana thought when she found the Palace had completely been deserted.  Her and her warriors were sensing they were missing something.  Something right under their nose they had not seen.  The warriors while checking walls for hidden levers to pull, and under rugs for buttons push, found them self a trap door in the floor,

Alana and 5 of her warriors grabbed  lit torches from the walls and one by one climbed down the ladder they found under the door when they opened it,  While all the rest of the warriors kept watched throughout the city,

Alana and her warriors followed a narrow corridor that connected to several rooms that all led to dead ends except the one with a locked door Lea kicked in to get to all the people hiding behind it.  The room, crammed with people who identified them selves as staff, servants, maids, who worked in the palace and friends, or family members of the princess who were living in the palace with her. Alana noted one, not so eager to divulge her identity.

It was none other than Princess Daliya, keeping her identity a secret.  And is was none other than  AlanaKalanian, exposing her secret when she asked what happened to Tigris.

Hesitating to answer at first, she cleared her throat she told Alanakalanian that enemy solders stormed the palace and had taken her hostage. She was bound and gagged and dragged by her hair right out the front doors of the palace.  Someone in the palace was able to get word of this to Tigris in time for him to just make it to the palace before God know what they would of done to her if the were able to flee the palace with her.  Tigris told the men who were holding her his name, he asked for the Princess’s life in exchange for his life.  Tigris reputation had by far succeeded any chance his life would be an even trade for hers, His captives even knew they got magic beans,

AlanaKalanian and her warriors assured those in hiding it was absolutely safe to leave that room. Only the Princess was asked to remain behind.

Princess needed to lead her people now that Tigris was no longer there to do it.   The princess, flat out refused,  She claimed she still had not recovered from her ordeal..

AlanaKalanian was terribly disappointed in the Princess. Alana insisted she must gather her courage now that her people need her.most.  “My people??” the Princess snapped.   Reminding AlanaKalanian ” how her people”  only became “her people”, recently. So she owed them nothing. Alana, having nothing more to say to, turns and walks away.

AlanaKalanian, called out to all the citizens of the kingdom,  to come to the meeting place in the center of the city.  She,, speaking on behalf the princess, reassured the people that her warriors, herself, and the Kingdom’s brave army would work together to protect their Kingdom.

She spoke about what happen to Tigris,  and described his actions as heroic, Alana vowed to bring their leader back home to them unharmed..   She asked them to simply believe.  Believe in Tigris safe return, believe in your brave army, believe in each other, believe in yourselves.  Believe and you are courageous,   Stand up for what you believe and you are a leader.

When the people just believed it gave her hope.

Her and her warriors continued looking for clues,.  In the days that followed,, Kaaci scouts were sent  into the Napolizi, Persha, Ayyria,, and the Mongol empires. AlanaKalanian in the meantime, ruled over, and defended what she said would one day be known as the Kingdom of Tigris,


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