Romney you can’t fool a little ole’ “independent” like me..

Romney is advocating financial, and military aid be sent to Syrian Sunni’s militants as well as ground troops to Syria.. pff What more does one need as far as proof to know Romney is a war mongering pig..

Let me clarify for the unaware, or oblivious, USA aggression in Syria is an indirect attack on Iran and Russia whom side with the Syrian government and army which is made up of Christians and non Sunni Syrians – Whom believe the militants are terrorists and are trying to suppress them. Quite obvious, it is none of our business. Clearly this is a religious conflict that Mitt Romney and his party are planning to take advantage of to ignite his true ambitions – war with Iran.. Americans have to set their prejudice aside or else we are doomed..

Hermine, an AlanaKalanian warrior advocates against war…


10 thoughts on “Romney you can’t fool a little ole’ “independent” like me..

  1. I know some people get upset at the world “imperialism”, but that’s just what I hear seeping out of MR’s and PDR’s mouths, when they talk about foreign policy.

  2. Hi Alarna, I feel that the Americans have no strategic interest over Syria as unlike Libya and Iraq, Syria has no natural resources of note. They are more than likely going to leave any international conflict to Turkey

    1. Unfortunately it is not “natural resources”/ “survival” that drives all leaders, in some of the morally bankrupt politicians – greed, power, etc; For instance, in this case in particular war with Iran would make
      one of America’s closest ally (Israel) ecstatic, thus the American Jewish community in this country would naturally endorse the presidential candidate whose intentions are in Israel’s best interest.. And last but not least, you take care! 😉

      1. As I said before, Alana, there is a bigger picture unfolding in this generation. Prophecy is being realised as we speak. The players are in their place. I have no need to take care as I am protected, loved and guided

  3. i agree, the neocons already “own” romney and his way of thinking (happens when a man has no real core of his own) and they want nothing more than endless war…it’s a foregone conclusion if romney / ryan are elected …

    1. Obama has many faults but his defaults are not so bad like his plan for middle east is much more stable than Romney’s who has made it clear he will send our ground troops into Syria instigating the war with Iran and for the entire next 4 years America will be led by a warmonger. Not to mention the US and Turkey will bomb the crap out of Syria for non -humanitarian reasons. I say war is the real “deep doo – doo” we could step in here, . Americans better knock off the more jobs and economy BS as excuses to vote for Romney cause as far as I am concerned it won’t matter when your country is in a bloody war (blood bath) with a nuclear strong country like Iran..

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