It only takes one bad thing to ruin all the good things and it is called “the talat tactic.”

Still not quite sure who to blame for Tigris’ capture?  Well, not to worry, the next few stories will settle it.”Talat the Terri able” had given me more than enough reason to believe he had taken Tigris hostage” said  AlanaKalanian  to a bunch of not paying attention readers.

Talat had been on earth terrorizing the place long before Alana was even born,.  He had been headache for the God’s from the first day he arrived on earth. He had already murdered thousands of innocents and been sentenced to death, but conveniently for him not executed.  Obviously Alana would have never had the miserable pleasure of ever having to deal with him if he had not fled and his sentence was carried out.

After he had fled the terrible talat went into hiding like the coward he is in some inhabited region of the world far, far away from the Armenian highland for over 100 years.  But the Gods knew his evil soul would return one day to the Armenian highland to seek his revenge against the Armenian Gods that started so far back, that even time had not existed yet.   Luckily,  the AlanaKalanian’s stories that she past down to her descendents records what came before time began.

It was the period in the past when the supreme being more powerful, wiser, and braver than all the Gods together had created the Gods.    Gods became bored quickly so they tried their hands at being part-time creators, like on the side. They created human like mortals.  Some were ok, and did what the gods asked of them the others they found flawed, the impaired, or weak they simply cast out. The cast outs sent to earth with no place to go and the good beings were given shelter, food, and anything else they wished.  The Armenian Gods, different from all other Gods wished to coexist with other beings on earth. They created a magnificent kingdom high above on a mountain and they named it Kalanian.  They had lived happily there right up until civilization of man began.

The Gods of Kalanian were most generous, they open their gates to all who needed shelter and that included the Gods’ cast outs as  well.  Some could say that stupidity confused for generosity can only bring headaches.

Talat was one of those cast outs the Kalanian gates let in and the Gods allowed him to walk freely in the kingdom. He quickly earned a reputation for being difficult to work with and other residents of the kingdom complained he was never happy with anything he was given. When the Gods summoned him to speak with him about it he would not come.  The Gods would have to go to him.  The Gods had started to see that he became more resentful towards them each time they saw him.  Something ugly  grew inside him, it was evil. The Gods unaware with such feelings asked him one day about it,  He told them he hated them.  Well, to the Gods who had never heard that word before it could have been another word to describe love for all they knew.  But with each sun that came up they saw what he felt was nothing like love. He became unmanageable, but not until the bodies with no life left in them began to pile up where ever he went that is when the God’s decision to execute him was made.

Talat is all the bad things thrown out – let a bad thing in no good will be left one of the Gods said in favor of executing him.  When they sent their guards to get him, talat had already fled.

Ever since the Gods had hidden in the clouds with their net waiting and ready to snare a snake.  The day did come and the Gods enjoyed watching talat squirm like the slimy snake he was, struggling to get free. But they joy was short-lived when the Kalanian master guards  came to tidy up a bit.  They picked up talat and their net and that pretty much covers it..

The 8  Gods of Kalanian (Juliat God of Justice, Hagop, the God of Courage,Hermine the God of  Humanity, Vachagan the God of Wisdom  Sirush the God of Peace, Sakis the God of Freedom, Anahid the God of Equality, and Talar the God of Truth.)  and the 444 master Guards,  but not all stay close by to the Gods- the rest lived in the Kingdom of Kalanian and thought of as reserves celebrated for weeks after his capture. But Gods changed their mind about killing    They thought an eternity of suffering would alleviate their fears he may return more evil like other non mortals had before him…

But for Alana they had never been convincing enough reasons to justify not killing him. Not when he burned down 3 villages, murdered over a 1000 innocent people and that was when he was buried alive down deep in the core of the earth’s crust.

How much more evil could he get she thought?

Tigris, was eager to be called upon to hunt down “Talat the Terrible” for his atrocities and brought to the Queen for exception. The queen found it very difficult to refuse the very strong looking young man his right to do this but with such young inexperienced guards they could not be prepared for the likes of someone like talat .  But Tigris didn’t give up till she let them go. But having regretted doing so she sends her friend a humbly request for her to there and watch over Tigris and her army. When Alana reached the rocky region  her instincts told her that he chose the way through the harsh terrain over taking the treacherous looking passages through the mountains. The region was known for having very few habitable places.  But,  supposedly, Talat found a way here to travel back and forth from the earth’s core without much difficulty.  When she caught up she stayed a good distance back so he wouldn’t see her.  She even thought she was pretty good at it until he was no longer in her sights,  Fearing she lost him, she starts to speed up but the sound of a horse riding up on her gets her full attention.  She looks back to find it is Tigris coming up on he rand wondered if he thought he was being clever.   He demanded to know what she was doing there so she told him she was there to protest him.  It appeared he found that amusing.

She suggested they make camp right away and get a good night sleep. Tigris on the other hand thought riding on a little longer wouldn’t  hurt  them.  But she reminding him of how hard it is to travel  in rough terrain at night. So, they compromised, they rode a little farther then  called out he was making camp here.

She waited till most everyone had fallen asleep so that way when she just flew off without any warning no one  would find it conspicuous.  She attended able to use the time the others slept to recapture, Talat the toad, and stick him back where he belonged all before the sun came up. Alana found flying over the mountainous region much easier and faster than riding horse back through it.  She believed she was able to box him in from high in the sky till she got distracted by flashing lights that were coming from over near where they had made camp. The closer she got the brighter and larger the flashes of light became..

She reached for her sword and proceeded to grip it tightly as she prepared herself for battle. Talat’s evil sorcery was responsible for the flashing lights that were exploding and then creating smoke screens all over perhaps as a diversion for Talat to sneak around. and then escape,   “Where was Talat anyway” Alana, was swinging her sword in the same direction the flashing lights were swinging.  While Tigris went head on into them. he found nothing hiding in them.  They both were believed he was hiding in the city at the bottom of the mountain.  Tigris, without  a moments notice pulled Alana up unto to his horse with him and like magic they flying down the mountain without ever leaving the ground. Reaching the city he  tied his horse securely to a tree and he and Alana began walking up and down every street again, and again until they found Talat (who had been under the impression he was safe inside the city) strolling out from under an archway looking quite smug as if hadn’t a care in the world.

Talat, upon seeing Tigris turned as if he planned to make a run for it but knew it was a bad idea when he saw AlanaKalanian and her sword just waiting for a  reason to kill him.  His decision to turn back toward Tigris had proved to be an even bigger mistake when Tigris stuck his sword into his stomach causing Talat to keel over unto Tigris’. As Tigris was pushing off him and unto the ground he could hear Talat mumble over and over till he could not speak no more ” I won’t die till I kill you.” The city’s  guards were alerted of what had happened.  Tigris was arrested, for killing what, that he did not know and held overnight in their prison while Alana, Ara, Tigris’ horse, and Talat’s undead corpse spent the night right outside the city gates.  On the very next day Tigris was given hearing.  Alana, also not able to use her magical powers in that region just like the Armenians Gods had been told their magic was only as powerful as their  jurisdiction.  Alana only feels powerless when I she can not a change the  outcome of Tigris hearing in case if she had to .. Tigris told the court rulers the entire truth, which included every  atrocity Talat had committed.

He explained how he fled so he could not  be executed as planned.. The ruler of the court claimed he knew of no crime he committed   Amazingly enough Tigris was released. Tigris appeared truly relieved to be walking out of that court a free man –  then walking straight to his courageous, new friend, AlanaKalanian,,who he was most grateful too for standing by him.  As most people would have left, AlanaKalanian is not most people. He smiled at her and said ”  Lets go home,” He would not have had to say that more than once to Alana, she could not wait to get back to the Armenian highland so her powers can ship Talats undead corpse back down to his hell like home, a fiery furnace in the earths crust. Alana and Tigris dragged Talat’s undead corpse back to his horse.  After he tied the body at both ends with  a rope so he could drag Talat’s body all the way back to the Armenian Kingdom with him. Right before they start their journey back home, Alana reminds talat that she’ll be having no pain and when he scrapes along the ground he will be extreme pain. .

AlanaKalanian only one second in her own jurisdiction used her magic for good and sent Talat with an one way ticket back to his fiery grave.

3 thoughts on “It only takes one bad thing to ruin all the good things and it is called “the talat tactic.”

  1. Hello again Alana 😀

    Another great tale of the daring deeds of AlanaKalanian. Another brave victory told. Another bad guy defeated. Well done and well written my friend. 😀

    I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Ralph xox 😀

      1. Hi Alana. Your reply didn’t show up on my notifier. I may need assistance from my friend the Winged Warrior to sort out WP staff 😉 I came here because of your comment in my video post. I have no idea who those women are but the videos were fun 😀 Have a lovely day my friend xox

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