Hi warriors,

I ran into this video in my travels.

In this video, you will find my two least favorite hosts try to bring awareness to the atrocities that happened in Myanmar, on the Muslim minority.

Apparently, the evidence against the government shows they are guilty of attempting the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people.

Uygur and Kasparian, go on to claim several times this was that what in Myanmar happen was  “Genocide”,  They IMO were very interested in convincing, the viewer as well…

My only hope is the story is based on facts, and not just fact the victims were/are Sunnis..

Not in all cases but many I have seen many times are judged with prejudice that is blinding…

My problem, of course, is huge, and as Uygur right at the is right at the brunt of it. Imagine,  he dares to contribute a couple of very minimum, lacking any substance, sentences, that were completely out of context?  It was like here and there he slipped in the words “Armenian Genocide.” ,

OK, IMO, he mentioned his mentor the Turkish dictator /president Erdogan even more than he spoke about the Armenian Genocide.  Most times he was insanely patting him on the back for a variety of moronic reasons.  The Islamic Extremist president acknowledged a Muslim genocide of Sunni Muslims,  for he acted as if the should be nominated for a Noble Prize.  Pff,  a horror movie…

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We all know the Islamic president is Sunni as well.  Most Turks are in fact Sunni.  It is like a crime or close to one in Turkey if you are not one.

It is incredulous to me how these morons, IMO, can even support Erdogan’s comments like if he was someone respectable.  IMO he is an Islamic fanatic who is not worth one iota of attention.  Most intelligent folks know to ignore him.  If (5) Sunni, Muslims were murdered, he’d be all over news claiming that was a Genocide too, he is foolish.

Ok so Uygur amazingly was able to say the words “Armenian Genocide,”  although it was brief and IMO he had his own agenda about it, which became evident w after mentioning the Armenian Genocide he went on to say in the following sentence he comments on the 125,000 people who had to flee, so was it obviously he wanted to confuse the viewers because it was the exact amount of people he mentioned earlier he about the Myanmar people.   IMO, his top priority was to back up the claim that those Sunni’s in Myanmar were/are victims of a Genocide.

Clearly, the world knows it was over 1.5 million Armenians who were slaughtered by the Turkish government.   Nice try Uygur! Unless, Uygur really is a screw up which a great possibility and had not realized what he did, but that would mean warriors we would have to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Every good warrior is shaking their head “no-way,” although he is a screw-up, he had an agenda and no matter how transparent it was he was desperately going to follow it.  Part of it described the Armenians as just “fleeing. ” Which apparently, IMO he planned to support this claim that fleeing to the border was enough to constitute a Genocide, as he downgraded the facts about AG which his true nationalistic nature most likely enjoyed, he built a case, or so he thought, to back his claim what happens in Myanmar was also a Genocide based loosely on a proving the similarity between was enough.

As the Holocaust was not mentioned to also use to back up his claim,  because IMO he probably was not that insane certifiable yes, brain-dead, not quite.

He had no trouble though describing the suffering, and the gory details of the bloodshed in Myanmar, and then had no trouble bashing the Buddhists for doing it.

You are all wondering, I know, did he condemn the “Young Turks”  for masterminding the slaughter of 1.5 million innocent Armenian.?  Not even close!

Unfortunately, IMO he mentions the Armenian Genocide to make it easy for his viewers to make comparisons between Myanmar and the Armenian Genocide.  Not even close…

Uygur brags shamefully about the biggest human rights violator in the world instead he should have been commending his denial of Armenians Genocide.  Oh wait, that would mean he had integrity.

His integrity got as far as  “how ironic” the exact words he described the Turkish fanatic, for not recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

The only irony I see is again is not seeing any integrity.

Well, IMO who knows better than Uygur, Erdogan only recognizes atrocities firstly against Sunnis, secondly against other Muslims, unless Sunni’s did the killing.

It is downright disgusting how many times he lied about it, or tells only his version about crimes against humanity. Kind like these two in the video.

Atheist Uygur is always quick to bring awareness to Muslim atrocities.  That is one thing he can’t deny, but ever happen to the Syrian Christian minority?  Most lived in Aleppo, but that city was destroyed.  That is just an example of Uygur’s negligence IMO, as he was quick on many segments the killing of the Muslims in Syria.  Nice…

Getting back to his Armenian Genocide acknowledgment, if I was to describe to any person who asked, I would say something to the effect like it was brief, tactless,  evident of a bad the intent, very little factual events.

Uygur’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide would normally pizz off the Turkish president/dictator, and the rest of the Turks still in denial, but I have a feeling something may have been in advance..

By not attacking but praising Erdogan for his good efforts, just may a premeditated plot from the start.  Like if we named it, it would be called “operation morons”  Disgusting, right?

Again, Erdogan, calling a group of Sunnis being killed a Genocide is the same as a monkey who peels bananas with his feet.  It is by far not newsworthy unless a monkey eating bananas is news too…

Turkish extreme nationalists like Uygur and Turkish extreme Muslims like Erdogan have the same views, it’s a collective mentality that share.

I don’t know about Uygur but Erdogan IMO finds killings of Muslims a justification to label it a Genocide almost solely for his defense of Islamic terrorist groups.

Humanity has in a big way failed and not when Uygur describes it, it is when you hear morons like Uygur defend Erdogan.

His prejudices are grossly obvious, and yet every chance Uygur gets he is promoting that tick for something good that he has done or said.  Why?  Is he getting paid to be his spokesperson?

Well, IMO he’d do it for free anyway.

By the mention of the Armenian Genocide briefly, IMO he severely undermined the magnitude of this historical fact.  He will not get a pat on the back from me.

I still don’t like him, and just because he recognized doesn’t change anything.  As I assured folks way back in my first article about Uygur, remember?  I said, even if he does acknowledge the Armenian as Genocide, I still would not like him.  He has given me no reason too.   The problem is, he still the same moron IMO.  It doesn’t take a genius to acknowledge a historical fact.

So, funny, I can hear Ana from here, moaning, “but what do you leftist want from him”  oh woe is Ana,,,  I am by far a leftist, and what is there to like about him?

IMO he had known at some point, as he knew that acknowledging the AG would bring ha larger fan base, as he knew was simply right, he also knew doing the right thing would bring more fame and fortune in his direction.  As he watched other Turks for years how others held back their acknowledgment, for such for the great, overwhelming welcome, not just the Armenians but form the rest of the world.

Now, some folks would argue that taking and accepting Genocide recognition in any form or fashion would be permissible.  I may that one out of 100 that if one is are going to acknowledge one needs to do it purely because of unselfish ways

The right thing to do is without any fringe benefits.   Unfortunately, that is where Uygur is now, as I see it, using the AG to make perhaps either a profit through ratings or through being a puppet for his first government of Turkey.

As he must have known it was wrong to talk so casually, and briefly about the Armenian Genocide, he purposely IMO undermined the true magnitude of how horrid this Genocide really was.

Uygur under normal circumstances  “insulted Turkish-ness”  article 301, a Turkish law that prevents the recognition of the AG.   Although. I believe he is very safe but if he decides to visit his homeland he may not be not “so safe.”  as not every fanatic group that may have supported him or who backed him, now,  may forget exactly what the promised. .

Liberals though, I’m sure, will accept him with open arms.  Being a hard-core nationalist he will really love that

Anyway, he may not have to worry,  who knows what deals were made behind the scene.

He just may very much be in COLLUSION with Turkey.

Kind of ironic,  Kasparian speaking about hypocrites cause I see no bigger one..

IMO for those like Kasparian who would yell “what more do you want, he said it!!!??” Maybe she’d throw in the F-word with it.

I guess I asked for this as I never set down the ground rules on how he was supposed to acknowledge a historical fact.

The intent was always an important factor…  I don’t feel any different about the guy or Kasparian.

Perhaps it is due to the fact we had to wait so long to get just that brief moment he dedicated to his acknowledgment.  No signs of remorse, or accountability, that he had been a fool all these years.  I personally, did not like him for many reasons, not just that one.  Is a little something like character, and integrity by far too much to ask?  ..

I don’t think that is too much to ask,  my brilliant, brave warriors, do you?

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Strength, power, and peace!


baby ace
“You will always be my Angel boy”

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