Ana Kasparian, TYT’S AKA the Chipper..


Alanakalanian’s response to TYT’s Ana Kasparian video on Uygur’s Genocide denial.

If this is her idea of fighting back, she was on the wrong side, IMO, obviously not her own…

Just random comments made to Ana’s video directly on her YouTube page where this video resides that I copied and pasted here.  Why (?) comments made by AlanaKalanian somehow disappear swiftly.    Then of course the good old “block” comes next…

Is is incredulous to me is how I am more a reason to be blocked than the folks running into this country freely in their eyes.  Not that I will comment either way on border security, the wall, or congress shut down, as I am not a USA politic commentator and have no intention of deterring this post from its actual purpose.  Although, who chuckles a little when they hear “Not a dollar for the wall”  Nancy Pelosi.


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