Amanda Erickson on Khadija Ismayilova – untidy and misinforming…

Ms. Erickson fails to mention Ismayilova’s lack of courage when speaking the truth about crimes committed in her country against religious minorities, nor does she mention how Ismayilova has never succeeded in proving she believes in freedom for all people and not just Azeris.

I’m sure after reading Erickson’s article one will easily find she has failed tremendously in thoroughly researching her subject.

Heck all she had to do is read my articles and even without an open mind somethings can’t be avoided if one feels any responsibility to writing the truth.

Unlike Ismoylova who will only report the crimes of an already known corrupt dictator and his regime commits against her own people no different than every other Azeri writer, journalist, photographer, blogger etc: looking for a claim to fame.  All hoping  for the mere chance they will be targeted, arrested or harassed by their criminal government  and will important enough to be considered another case of human rights violations to add to the already monstrous list Azerbaijan currently has against them.  I think they they think it is a sure bet human rights cases in their region will attract the attention of the international community thus attracting attention to them as well..

Funny though how none of these same Azeris will write a single word that may offend the ears of their extreme nationalist countrymen and women no matter how true it is.  My take is they fear more the angry, brutal mobs than the government.

We all know what happened to the poor chap who reported an opposing view to the ones of the Azeri people – mobs of them beat the hell out of him and continually harassed him and his family.

Hmm.. I wonder if Erickson even cared if Ismaylova’s award for courage was truly merited?

Just like I wonder if she ever considered that “courage” for a journalist goes far beyond being harassed for what she writes? I think not.  I think if Ms. Erickson wanted to write  informative article she would of investigated exactly what  Ismaylova stands for and what she believes in.  I guarantee she might not like what she finds.

Unless of course she likes  racist, ultra nationalists…

IWMF Honors Khadija Ismayilova With “Courage In Journalism” Award.

How desperate can any women’s organization be to give an award for “courage” to someone  whose claim to fame was only receiving a threatening letter that said  “Whore, behave. Or you will be defamed.?” Pff..

If anyone cared to notice the same criminal is still in power –  there is not even rumor of a revolution in the works nor does anyone seem to have the courage to organize an overthrow the government.  So they can write all they want about how the bad, bad man steals from his own people the same people who will do nothing courageous to remove him from his perch high above his gold.

One thing does seem apparent by the fact no one will expose the crimes the mobster regime has committed against religious minorities, or the ethnic cleansing of non- muslims – crimes that would have their criminal government jailed – that would take real courage  but there is no real courage to be had…


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