About Cenk Uygur, his Genocide denial, and the relevance it has to the name “The Young Turks”




all my warriorsWhat if you were someone whose success had been gained by how you were seen by your fans? Wouldn’t you be someone who  obviously did not deny what happened to the 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children who were brutally murdered in 1915 were as “Genocide?”

Knowing, the original “young Turks”  justified the killing of thousands of Armenians, in a failed attempt to clear all Armenian lands of non-Turkish elements so their pan-Turanian goals could become a reality, wouldn’t you be somebody who would not name their show after them, right?   You would be someone who would not have anything in common with the original “young Turks.”  right?

In that case, you’d be someone other than a Turk, named Cenk Uygur.  

On the other hand, I’d be viewed as someone unfair, biased, and hate-inspired, that is if you were someone like this guy, Uygur.


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