The land of the brave, bright and brilliant warriors ~ AlanaKalanian..~



“WHO in the heck are AlanaKalanian Warriors?

Well, my nana would say that on a clear day when she was just a little girl, she could see them from her bedroom window on their beautiful shining horses. They would be  flying  gallantly off the top of Mt. Ararat‘s highest peak ..

Her mother, my great-grandmother told her one of  the many wondrous  quests of  these strong, brave, and brilliant Armenian warrior women almost every night right before bed.  Excitedly, my Nana waited in such eager anticipation to hear how they  rode their horses faster than the wind. With a sword in one hand  and their pen in the other they would inflict a mighty blow.


My beloved nana, God rest her soul, had not known then looking out her window in awe of the brave, scholarly women she had loved and admired from her mother’s bedtime stories would be far more than she could ever dream.  It was when Nana needed to find her extraordinary strength and courage to literally escape her death by fleeing Turkey during the Armenian Genocide when her mother, my great grandmother revealed she was the great grand-daughter of the first queen warrior of “Kalanian” and the bloody nightmare she would face ahead she shouldn’t fear.  ” It will be just another great and courageous conquest  for a powerful, and most brave warrior like her,” she said..  

From then on,  my nana, was all that  plus a bag of Kofte,  only achieving what was amazing for being the one who was always the most courageous.  

Her wonderful, touching, and inspiring stories of the  super strong, intelligent female warriors that she passed all on to me, have lived long through the magical, and mythological part of my family’s history. This really made growing up for me so extra special. 

My days with my nana were endless and filled with continuous adventure.   Climbing grapevines, swinging on ropes from tree to tree, and  clinging tightly to my trusty plastic toy sword in my back yard is where you would find me saving the world, but nothing could fill my heart with more joy than seeing how happy my Nana would get just from watching me out of the kitchen window.

 “Although at times  saving the weaker kids from bullies did get a bit overwhelming, not to mention, quite exhausting..”

 The land of the brave, bright and brilliant warriors.
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8 thoughts on “The land of the brave, bright and brilliant warriors ~ AlanaKalanian..~

  1. Women are known to be be a source of power for men but when you hear of women demonstrating bravery and courage themselves – now that’s something. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Cheers 🙂

    Thanks for insp

      1. Hey dear Alana. I would like to talk to you more often but you haven’t been posting much recently. So I just made a quick comment to see if you are okay which I hope you are. I am being kept very busy with my blogs, buying the apartment I am living in and I have gained a third cat called Star. I am enjoying Spain with my friends but winter has now arrived and living in a concrete house can be cold. Otherwise everything is okay. How about you? Big hug. Ralph xox

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