Say Yes to” Human Rights” and NO to “Eurovision”…

Boycott Over Host Azerbaijan

Rights Groups Seek Eurovision Boycott Over Host Azerbaijan –  “Reporters Without Borders, meanwhile, has condemned what it called a “despicable” smear campaign against a journalist who says intimate images of her were posted online to deter her from investigating corruption among Azerbaijan’s ruling elite.”Profile Picture

Guess who they are talking about?  I believe our  friend “Khadija Ismayil” – “Journalists ask if I would be for boycott of Eurovision. I said I don’t want to be a party-pooper, but described my feelings about Azerbaijan hosting Eurovision as following: imagine, some people are having a party in your backyard. They destroy your garden, use your silver, break your chairs, and you are not even invited to this party. This is what I feel about it. Azerbaijanis hosting something they are not invited to enjoy.”



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One thought on “Say Yes to” Human Rights” and NO to “Eurovision”…

  1. I agree, azerbaijan should not be part of eurovision… they have proven to be trouble makers, thats the opposite of what that show is all about.

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