In case you were wondering my opinion is my right to freedom of speech and protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which I strongly believe in, and will fight to the bitter end to keep.  But don’t be confused, hate speech, racist slurs, discriminatory remarks, comments etc; like “Genocide/Holocaust denial” is not a right it is a crime..

Apparently France’s Constitutional Council  doesn’t agree, they just voted last month against having such a law that would prohibit genocide denial..   They claim such a law is unconstitutional..

Reporters without Borders doesn’t agree with me either, and called it a victory for France..

“We are pleased that freedom of expression has not been sacrificed to a cause, no matter how just the cause may be,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The dangerous breach opened by this law has been closed for the time being but it has already damaged the credibility of the democratic values defended by France and those who defend human rights and the Armenian cause in Turkey.” Although I agree with this statement wholeheartedly  “The Turkish authorities must now face their responsibilities. In the name of free speech, they have for weeks been condemning the French parliament’s meddling in history. Now they must prove that their comments were not just tailored to the circumstances by allowing Turkish citizens to mention the Armenian genocide without fear of being prosecuted.” 

And would support laws that ban genocidal denial less often if and so Turkey does its part by banishing their laws that restrict/disallow free speech.” Reporters without Borders

Yes but excuse me all those not in favor, can’t Genocide denial be ruled illegal when most or all agree it is a form of “hate speech” or “racism” and under racism or anti hate speech laws is punishable?

In the USA the first amendment prohibits creating laws against “hate speech”  which makes it outstanding clear, but France has Anti-hate speech laws, and very well could label Armenian genocide denial hate speech, that is of course if Erdogan (Turkish PM) and the rest of his crew who have bullied France and bashing them forever was not a big reason in why they voted against it.. Imagine Turkish PM condemning France over a person’s right to free speech?????   Hilarious! This is the same guy arresting every Joe that speaks up or against him charging them with ” Article 301″ Turkish law which just bans anything from being said that is unfavorable to Turkish identity or the country’s institutions  .   In Turkey it is a crime to “insult Turkishness” .  Many people who have spoken openly about their recognition of the  Armenian Genocide were arrested, and charged with the “insulting Turkishness..”

Turkish folks though gather by the hundreds in Taksim square often, and you would think to protest “Article 301”, but no…

Turks protests against Israel in Taksim square Istanbul

Inciting Hatred: Turkish Protesters Call Armenians ‘Bastards’

For Turkey, Freedom of Speech is only free for Turks, all others must pay,  like Hrant Dink who paid with his life.

Sarkozy Vows New French Bill Against Armenian Genocide Denial

He has every reason to get it passed too, 500,00 + French Armenians live in France and election time is close by..  But am I saying his heart is not in the right place, hell no, am I saying his dislike of Turkey, and his wanting to keep them out of the EU is a playing a large role in all this, hell no, all I am saying is now that the French president brought this unto the playing field people, Armenians especially are going to expect him to  follow  through, Armenians are funny like that, but  that is a post for another day!


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