Elmira Tariverdiyeva targets Portland Maine in a lie

Portland, Maine

Well, they will as soon as they get wind they have been implicated in the twisted, delusional mind of Elmira Tariverdiyeva. “On the eve of anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) Municipality of the American city Portland (Maine) adopted a resolution recognizing the historical fact – occurrence of Nagorno-Karabagh, Zangezur and Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan – the first in the history of secular parliamentary republic in the Islamic world.” Note how Elmira excludes inserting any source or date it took place, right off her stink of “nonfactual” reeks.


Her ramblings go on an on about a resolution that she implies she saw by quoting directly from it and yet fails to provide a source proving it actually exists..

“The resolution also provides a link to the memories President Woodrow Wilson”  Really Elmira, Woodrow had his memories documented? Actually, factually speaking President Woodrow Wilson clearly stated the international borders of Armenia which were to include Nagorno – Karabagh and Nakhitchevan in the Treaty of Sevres..

“The resolution also stresses that the territorial integrity, state sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan is unconditionally supported by the United States which proves the absurdity and stillbirth of recently adopted anti-constitutional resolution of Rhode Island, calling the U.S. president to recognize the so-called “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.” And there you have it, an angry bitter, desperado seeking revenge on poor Rhode Island legislators..  It is no coincidence this story surfaced one day after the Rhode Island.s resolution was passed. Elmira, no state in the entire USA will propose such a resolution never mind  pass one..

Her readers can contribute her lack of sources to her lack of skill and talent instead of actually blaming it on the fact she is one of the world’s most notorious fabricators.  

I surely did investigate into Elmira’s allegations against the sea-side city of the North East, but there was no such evidence of what she claims is true..  That does make Elmira suitable for suing whether she cares about that sort of thing or not..

What kind of fool does she take the world for anyhow?

I demand  Elmira to start taking responsibility for her writing, and I only just today passed my resolution calling her to start reporting facts instead of trash she pulls from her AIF brain

USA  is the greatest democracy in the world..  Americans also similar to the Karabagh citizens fought against their oppressive rulers to break free from them.  America’s fight for freedom should stand as a reminder to you that most Americans will always stand behind “democracy” and never oppressive, Islāmic rulers such as the ones that rule Azerbaijan today. She writes like a criminal trying not to get caught.   PFF.. Caught!


2 thoughts on “Elmira Tariverdiyeva targets Portland Maine in a lie

  1. Yeah. Americans murdered Natives for conquering lands as Armenians of Karabakh did ethnical cleansing to drive out Azerbaijanis of Karabakh and surrounding districts. Better you dont call other liars as long as you have a lack of information in history.

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